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Cooling pad A2

Cooling pad A2

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The refrigerant based offers 6 different height positions to provide a better viewing angle, helps relieve neck pain and wrist. Recliner For Laptop Cooling Base has two fans of 1200 rpm and 14 cm in diameter with high durability up to 20,000 hours of use. It also has 2 USB ports for connecting memories and peripheral devices.

Ergonomic design. Designed with a variable slope of 6 points that adapted to the height of any user. Optimum cooling thanks to two fans of 14 cm allows a job at a lower temperature in the team

Fan speed of 1200 rpm.
2 USB ports for connecting memories and peripherals.
Functionality of up to 20 thousand hours.
6 Positions

Specificaties: Cooling pad A2

Fan Dimensions 140x140x15mm
Fan Speed 1200±10%RPM
Fan Life 20000 hours
Voltage Range 4.5-5.5V
Applicable Models 7-17 inch laptops/notebook
Product Dimensions 353*253*30.5mm (W*D*H)
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Cooling pad A2

9.99 (incl. btw)

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